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Matthew Ager

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Thanks man. Im making a cool game youll hear about it

Awesome thanks, it was a fun thing to make fs.

Bardon, whats going on here

Always cool to see ppl make things related to my work! Thank you for sharing this! Great work bro!

Hey man I feel you, my girlfriend is gone for 2.5 months in Europe because she's talking a gap year before college. Working on projects like these help me cope with her being gone for so long. I'm glad I could help you remember some good times brother. Thank you man.

You're a lot smarter than me man, I wish I did this.

I didn't want to make this just a creepy horror game, I was more trying to make something that would hopefully stick with someone for a bit you know. If anything looking back I want to remove some of the more traditional horror elements because really, its not a traditional horror game.

That's the right reaction.

I’ve been watching peoples videos and gotta just say it’s been something really strange haha. Thanks for playing man, it means a lot!

That's the correct reaction to this, you're supposed to be very very uncomfortable. Very ordinary people can do very bad things, and this game was supposed to portray that.

The next game has no violence btw, I'm defiantly violented out after this shit lmao

Thanks man, looking at it now that is defiantly a good idea to add some context before you play the game, maybe I'll add a link to the video in the page. I am not going to go back now and add to the game because I'm already getting started with my next project, but this was a super helpful comment!

Haha ya watch this video it is the inspiration - 

Watch this video. The ideas in it inspired the game.

Haha all good bro, just thought I should make my comeback with something kinda shocking.


Thanks haha, the sensitive content warning isn't just there for effect!

Thanks so much bro, imma try and get more stuff out this summer before college so stick around!

You can now play it as much as you would like. I realized how bad this design choice was last night! It is fixed!

I am changing this right now. I realized that this was not a good design choice. It is changed and now will start as many times as you'd like.

Thanks so much Niven I’m glad you liked the game. I will be posting more but I just went through like 5 over scoped projects that were not going to turn out well and so I didn’t post them. Thanks for sticking around!

The game can only be played at once. If you close the game you cannot reopen it ever. Even redownloading will not change this. Did it open the first time?


thanks man, its been a while since i posted glad people are still here to play!

Link -

Thank you for your interest in the Apophis Experience! Us here at the Apophis Corporation have created a special experience just for you! Discover who you truly are! We will show you the truth and the lies. We will show you what you want to see. We will help you... embrace what makes you fully human. There's no need to be scared, we promise you will love the new YOU!

Link -

I'd like to personally thank the Apophis Experience organization for showing me the truth! Can't wait to share it with all of you in a few short days!

Check ur email bro, im getting back into horror dev

id love to work on a project with you in the future if you would like btw hmu

My god that was spectacular. When the boys 2nd face showed up distorted after the police call i was used to it and put threat, then when his face returned and he look normal I actually got chills. I dont even know why, i guess because it felt so out of place to have a normal face after so many distorted ones. Im just getting back into horror dev after a long break and I hope i can come close to this level of perfection. well don


Clowns are quite spooky

Absolutely agree! Thank you for the feedback man, I will try to improve next time!

Haha! Thanks for the feedback always appreciate constructive criticism. I'm going to try to get a new microphone soon! Sorry about the jumpscares, I will do my best to improve next time!

I'm glad you enjoyed! Might not have another game up for a little bit because I'm starting work a big project rn that might take a while. Thanks for the videos bro, always love them!

Yes I also wanted to make it a bit longer but I was very excited to work on a new big project so I cut out some content lmao. Thanks for playing homi

Great video evapilot, thank you so much for playing g!

Thank you so much Niven! Always glad to hear from you man!

Thanks so much im glad you enjoyed!

You pick up the next tape, titled: Carnival. There's a description written on the back. "We really hope you enjoy our first gameshow! We know you will. We left these here for a reason, always looking for new customers. We'll be in contact soon, make sure you have cash on you. If not, I'm sure you can win some as the star of our next production!"


Thank you so much for the generous review!

Since I am not a verified developer, you will have to allow it in security settings. If that does not work, let me know!