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Thanks for the feedback Dalph. I'll definitely go and check all those tilesets for the passability errors. Font should be fixed in the next version as well. I was planning on giving some sprites an update, so I'll add Chesire cat to that list. 

I'll PM you the answer to the puzzle at RMW as I acn't seem to find a way to post a spoiler here. ^^;

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Ok I finished it and have a few questions.

When the Queen of Hearts proposes to play croquet, her and the soldiers all vanish instantly, is it intentional or a bug? The same happens after they have to find the thief. I also think the movement speed of the Queen of Hearts is too fast in the croquet playground (she walks around too quickly). I liked a lot the cameos of the old RTP heroes from the different engines in the court room.

Is there an alternate ending by the way? Maybe I have to fight instead of running in the labyrinth? Because I felt like I got the bad ending, haha.


Congrats on finishing! :D

Yes, those are intentional. I'll add a fade screen, so it's not that jarring though. 

No currently there's only one ending. I'll add some more endings in the extended version, but the current ending can be considered the "true ending". I was going through a rather difficult period during the IGMC, which is why the true ending feels like a bad ending. I can explain it more if you want, but I'd rather do that in PM.