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Absolutely incredible write-up! Thank you so much for considering the game worthy of one and for taking such a thorough look at the systems within it, I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed your overall experience with it :).
Haha.....the swordsman axe holder thing, heard that elsewhere and I feel so silly, got caught up in the gameplay I never stopped to consider renaming the classes after I added the axe for her to hold (she didn't have a weapon until I did the animation which was late in development).
And yeah I wish I could have done something more to merge their art styles but at most I was able to add some weak shadows to them, glad you enjoyed their characterization enough to enjoy them being there though.
I'm most happy to hear how much you interacted with the choices I tried to build in there like the twist in the scissors-paper-rock system and risk-reward of lower health for the skill bonuses, etc, reading your write-up honestly put such a grin on my face :)! Truly honored for you to have written this and so strongly observed the game and its mechanics ^^.
I'd like to have more interaction from the players and enemies/boss with the boss mindset too, but I was both limited by time and not wanting to overwhelm the player with even more initial considerations. Ideally I'd scale this boss back a bit/tweak its difficulty and have a followup boss after it that built more on its mindset, like enemies gaining passive effects when its at a certain location or sub-directions its mindset could take it. I'm more glad to know that as-is not paying significant attention to the mindsets state each turn won't end you guaranteed with everything else to still consider.
Hopefully you'll get to see more of it in the future if I develop it further, as now the architecture is there it'll be easier to expand, I'm happy to know you show interest in that :).

Again sincerely thanks so much for the awesome awesome write-up :)!

Also  read a few more of your articles and you've got a bunch of awesome writing there. I noticed too you were planning to do write-ups on more IGMC2017 entries. If I might be able to suggest one, I'd strongly recommend, as among other strong entries it is without a doubt my personal favorite. A super cute and charming, imaginative story focused project with a few light puzzles.


Glad to hear your thoughts on my review! I've actually been looking forward to playing PALETTA since I've already been following the team. The team behind it made a demo for another sort of adventure game called XV, and I recommend that you check that out!

No worries :)!
Oh cool haha. Just got a chance to check it out and it's great. A weird but cool creepy atmosphere -without unnecessary jumpscares from what I experienced- though I got super stuck, and I did feel like it took a bit too long to explore/re-explore areas that you needed to over and over again (even with the item that helped you move faster). Still has me looking forward to seeing what the final product could turn out like :D.