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Hi richter. This game is really creepy! Through nice use of sound effects and environment, this is a scary sci-fi maze to run through. The difficulty level is good, as players will probably die a few times, but you will eventually be able to pass the areas. I also liked how you can get ‘email’ help and can peek and strafe. It reminds me of the Metal Gear series actually. I am not familiar with the SCP series but I don't think this affects gameplay here.

The one thing that could be improved is it would be best if sometimes you guys can brighten the scene a little or use zoom to make the sprites bigger. This way we can see the scary Samples (fantastic artwork!) much clearer. 

Good job guys and good luck!

Disclaimer: This is an objective comment as although richter is on our team as well this is his own separate project, and we have not had a chance to play this beforehand.

Hello there Mark. Thanks for the comment; my friends have seen this and they agreed about the screen and the sprites. Anyway, we decided to stick with default VXA resolution because of time constraint, as both you and I have acknowledged with it.

Also, many thanks to you.