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This was an absolutely adorable gem of a game.
A super cute and charming small story with a lot of character and smart light puzzles that fit into the games world, as an overall experience this is honestly one of my favorite RPG Maker projects I've seen in and outside of this contest.
Super jealous of those who are able to make small but fun and imaginative stories and you did an incredible job with this and I loved the ending which was totally satisfying and sweet, when most projects fall short at the end. I finished it at just over an hour, I hope whichever judge plays through this gets to see it all, and I certainly hope the link to the VX ace RTP is enough to keep it as a valid entry as it would be too much of a shame for this to not shine as one of the strongest entries.
And that's before even mentioning the beautiful aesthetic and sound/music design, seriously awesome work from start to finish :)!
Oh and the moon character that doubled as a friendly guide/hint giver was just really great. Well done!


Thank you so much!