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Played this one. Was a nice bit of fun learning the equipment and when to apply the Eturneum to them. I enjoyed going over the levels a bit again and again as the last chest was the best equipment. Found myself to be so high of a level afterwards (320+) that most enemies died in one hit.

Found one bug for you. When you play the game and then select to exit to title and start a new game, all your skills are still at the level they were from the last game. Was funny when I wanted to start over and my character had every spell at max. I couldn't cast any, you don't start out with enough magic. lol.

Definitely got potential. Well done

I would maybe suggest that you put in a penalty as well. The death count doesn't seem to do anything. I can go in, play and exit then go back in the same area. (looking for equipment) as many times as I want. The player should only keep the Eturneum equipment if they die, not by exiting.

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Hey @NewQuestGaming, wow, you definitely played a lot, the maximum level I reached in my tests was 150, I am so glad that you had fun playing.

Thanks for finding this bug, this is new to me, really a funny bug, starting with the maximum skill but doesn't have the MP needed to cast them XD

Good suggestion, right now the death count is only for statistics, that would be a way to give it more purpose.

Thank you for your kind review.