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Don't mean to be a total Di** because this game WAS in fact really fun and hilarious...!!!

But why is it that games always make the woman's boobs bigger than their body...? never got that...

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Hey DankLord, thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed your adventure with Quidget! 

As for your question: One reason certainly is that it just went well with Beatrize's character, especially on her ingame character sprite  (and I kinda wanted the busts to match that style).
That said, Peninja - The Funky Sexy Love Ninja RPG (the game we're currently developing and that Quidget is a spinoff of) will feature all kinds of women and men with different body types (because, well... I enjoy drawing different things ;) ).

Hope I could answer your question somehow! 


If you drew those people, good job its really good, like VERY good. I like the style you used, dark colors mixing with light and focal points (like a dark/light red) common in areas. Really nice.

So she has big jugs because you like drawing... big jugs... Fun! LOL


Thanks :) Good eye for the style!

Gotta love drawing curvy curves!