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Oh no worries, that was literally my first level and I wondered if I'm misunderstanding the mechanics.

I managed to win after several tries, and I really love the chromosomes idea! Tbh game felt too short; I was just about to assemble an OP combo (OnWait : Heal and 3x onAttack : Cleave/Shock), thinking that I'll get very far in this run, and then... it ended :D

Btw I probably should have guessed by the name, but it took me a while to notice that Shock electrocutes water - cool!


Yeah, that’s THE build. ^^

When you get it, you steam-roll the game. Every level begins to feel the same as you kill everything without even caring. So might as well tell you that you win ^^.

Maybe we should assume that you will have an OP build at the end, and so put VERY hard ennemies.

But personnally I would work on variety so that good builds aren’t so brainless. Play more with environment and movement. Then even with a good build, the game would still stay interesting.