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Super hectic and fun game. Things definitely snowball out of control at the end. I don't even know how but my radiation went from near 0 to maxed out right when Earth was on the verge of growing so I lost, but it was probably my fault lol. Big ups for making all of the planets be animals, I thought that was cute.

Getting elements into the creation bubbles was a bit annoying but it kinda added to the challenge so I'm on the fence about it. I think this game would benefit a bit from a difficulty slider/options and definitely a pause menu, since my hands were getting kinda tired doing it in one go and I could've used a break haha.

Great job!


Thank you for playing! I Glad you liked it and I'm sorry you lost it. balancing is a real pain, especially for 7 days jam event. I asked a few friends to play it, and one of them even finished it! It was 4 hrs before submission, I had time only for those stupid help cards thing. I wish I could do mode! Anyway, thank you very much for the feedback!