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ayy good feedback man

all this press F2,3,4,etc to change resolution stuff is temporary. when the rest is done i'll make a proper main menu where you can change that.

i guess i should've been more specific about the Cellshock building but Mac does give tips about what to do when you click him, and Van gives you the building's number during the phone call.

your suggestions about the dialog with the client are pretty valid, i deadass forgot to write any lines about the payment at all so oops.

the energy mechanic does have its purpose. there will be a deadline to the investigation and the game will also have some action bits; too early to talk about them in detail but suffice to say energy will act as health. these action parts are also the reason why the game is a sidescroller in the first place and why i don't think all-mouse controls would work, atleast for now.

anyway, thanks for playing!