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This looks really great!

But I had a few spots of bother with the way it feels (in the standalone version):

1. Couldn't read the prompt text. Had to back up and walk around a couple of times until I could:

2. Can't attack or defend again until animations are 100% complete, despite animations having noticeable time where weapon/shield is very near ready position. Feels "sticky".

3. When coming out of an animation from (2), holding down a button intending to attack/defend as soon as possible doesn't work. I have to release and press the button again. Feels like it's ignoring my input.

4. Bash doesn't defend against a spider's rush attack, even though my shield is between the spider and me.

5. I got confused initially between the spider flashing red and flashing white, and took me a while to work out which was which.

6. I couldn't defeat the ERROR boss ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

I will definitely have to look into making the combat snappier, the animation blends seem very strict right now. It's kind of a headache to work with unity's animation event system.

I am reworking the input system to work in a more traditional fashion, where your clicks are queued rather than constantly checked, meaning if you want to combo an attack, you have to click the button less than half a second before the attack ends, rather than having to hold the button down in order to combo.