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Andy Durdin

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"I'm a worm wriggly wiggly jiggly dee!"

A very funny adventure. The voice acting is superb, and the live action cutscenes are brilliant!

Good concept in having the Technician have to deal with the aftermath of the cleaner.

Impossible to run the Mac version. The code signature is invalid, so the OS will not allow it to run, saying that it is damaged and should be moved to the Trash.

Even after I worked around that problem, the game just showed me this error on launch: “Unable to find game!!: /Users/andy/Library/Application Support/”

This page says that this works on Linux and Mac, but the download only has a Windows build. :(

This isn’t a playable build of the game. It looks like the whole source code instead ?!

I had just won a shootout with NECESARY and then SUPRISE came out of nowhere and shot me in the back. Just brilliant!

This looks really great!

But I had a few spots of bother with the way it feels (in the standalone version):

1. Couldn't read the prompt text. Had to back up and walk around a couple of times until I could:

2. Can't attack or defend again until animations are 100% complete, despite animations having noticeable time where weapon/shield is very near ready position. Feels "sticky".

3. When coming out of an animation from (2), holding down a button intending to attack/defend as soon as possible doesn't work. I have to release and press the button again. Feels like it's ignoring my input.

4. Bash doesn't defend against a spider's rush attack, even though my shield is between the spider and me.

5. I got confused initially between the spider flashing red and flashing white, and took me a while to work out which was which.

6. I couldn't defeat the ERROR boss ;)


I can't shoot the sky. Why can't I shoot the sky?