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Ey man,  this was a pretty fun demo.

Like right off the bat it has a pretty great artstyle. As Khryse said, the window size is very small, maybe you should have it defulted to a bigger size? (I did resize it to the biggest size though)

I got through it fairly quickly, it's a pretty straight line experience as it is. I'm curious, I spent some of the cash in the start on candy and soda, if I had spent too much money on that [Spoiler] would that be a soft lock since I woulnd't have enough cash for vodka? [Spoiler]

The objective music with the walkman is really nifty too.

A bit nitpicky maybe, but your cursor and your game screen are two different resolutions, it's kind of  a hickup in the art, but maybe that's just me.

Overall, real potential here, I can see it turning out great!


thanks for the feedback! regarding the vodka part, no. there's an empty bottle in that trash can near the repair shop. you can fill that with water and give it to the hobo and he won't notice.