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Hello, there's some misinformation in this topic. I hope I can clarify.

  • We can help you get a refund for any transaction done on, and we have a generous refund policy. Contact support if you need to request a refund and we'd be glad to help
  • Some purchases done with a legacy PayPal API are not directly refundable by us, the developer needs to initiate the refund, or you'll need to open a dispute. EDIT 2020: We've long since moved away from this legacy API, we can help process a refund for any purchase on our system, reach out to support with your payment details and we'll help you out.
  • We take piracy very seriously. Please report content that you think is problematic. We actively review reports and suspend any accounts that are violating our terms of service. We do not, however, suspend accounts if there is not substantial evidence.
  • Regarding the seller, there's little information about these games. We don't have enough information to believe that the person illegally distributing the games. If you can point us to any information about the games or developer of them we can investigate more.
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OK, seems refund policy change after last time I was declined by the support. So the potential danger would be the seller account which passed 3 months can sell something that buyer can't ask refund from support but the seller.

For the second issue, there are so many reasons that the seller  could have no prove to sell these games.

1. As the seller mention, these games are from Finnish game brand PocketPlayCard Game, and I detected that the company is no longer working, the official website is shut down, and you can check the other information of this company in the E3 2001 Guide book.

2. the seller only uploaded some casual photos to sell them that it looks like the seller didn't have official product print.

3. the seller used the masked email but not their official email ( which makes me sceptical for what kind of reason the seller didn't want to be found.

4.  the seller uploaded them and made a bundle for sale, then just disappeared.

All of these can't give a explanation too, so why don't close down the page for clarification. You don't have enough information to believe that the person illegally distributing the games but you also don't have enough information to believe that the person can be legally distributing the games. If there is any misunderstanding, I believe when the seller notice the store page is closed, he/she would come up right away to explain for necessary.