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Awww yeah, I love RPGs like this and you captured the feel perfectly. A love letter indeed. The writing's really good as well, I enjoyed talking to all the characters. I also appreciate the prompts, though I really wanted to take the little boy with me into battle.

I wouldn't say it's too difficult. Obviously, I haven't gotten that far yet, but I feel if it's a love letter to classic RPGs it has to pack a certain punch. Maybe not quite Phantasy Star 2 level punches where you spend years level grinding for dungeons, but you know what I mean.

Didn't notice what the camera sway was about, but maybe I already played an updated build.

It's already been said that the music is super good, but I have to say it again. The battle theme was nailed in particular. I hope once you insert non-placeholder music it will still be that great.

All in all, pretty amazing dude.

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you liked it.
I got rid of the camera sway in the latest version, so you probably played that.
I'm glad you liked the battle music. It's one of the two original tracks made for the game along with the first town theme.