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Detailed and accurate feedbacks! And always look forward your new videos!

  • Easy mode has not been fully tested, there are bugs to be fixed
  • Platforms corrupt randomly, but this rule is not so realistic, we will redesign it.
  • In ver.0.3.0 and newer, condition of raising babies that store kebabs has been removed.
  • Moss growing too frequently is a bug, just like the platforms' one.
  • In fact, we designed UI based on 16:10 screen, which seems a mistake. Will be redesigned, also.
  • Great idea.
  • Yeah, that's a direction what survivors can do in the future, still needs lots of work.

Thanks always. :D

Thanks for the reply guys, didn't know we couldn't make babies anymore! Looking forward to the next update!

I didn't mean we REMOVEd babies making feature, what I meant exactly is conditions on making babies has been changed. :D