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Seriously the subtle bits of humor and how often it happens when you think the game is gonna take a break is really well done. Can't wait to play more of it! 

Sound and ambience was great but holy shit the lock on the small door just never worked, tried every code, nothing.

HIGHLY recommend this game, it actually gave me the creeps all the way through! 

clearly which is why i left feedback

Played it for a bit, didn't finish it as I feel it wasn't as good as it could be. There were some frame issues in the main house, only 2 drawers could be opened as far as I could tell, no collectible items so what's the point? Some audio was quieter than it should've been, "grandma" doesn't look like a grandma, more defined characters would be a huge benefit. Also when she peeked around the corner before the second map she popped out of existence and the oddly male groaning continued for quite some time after. Anyway I had fun making a video on it, here it is. 

Thanks for the reply guys, didn't know we couldn't make babies anymore! Looking forward to the next update!

Love the new additions in this version! However I encountered some issues when recording a video for it.

On easy mode, sometimes more seagulls will spawn and no sharks and vice-versa, In my recent play there were about 10+ sharks.

The platforms also seemed to break on their own and all at once.

Had 5 kebabs and a hammock but no children.

Moss growing on the platforms happened too frequently.

UI is either small or way out of place, should be adressed at some point.

Clicking on a single tree or item in a group is a bit difficult sometimes.

I think there should be a limit to how many sharks or seagulls can spawn at one point, maybe a limit of 2 sharks and 4 seagulls.

When survivors fall into the water there should be a way back onto the raft.

I thought version 3 was pretty great! Still needs some work, I felt like the enemies multiplied too fast, pacing was messed up because of it.

You can check out the video here: 

Awesome update! Just finished playing and recording it, there are some bugs to note, one in particular was that the shishkebobs could not be made which was a huge problem.

Here's my video of the recent update (0.1.3)

Update improved a lot of things! Still had a couple of bugs: Never had more than 2 children born, things that were in queue to be build stayed in queue, and when the female attacked the shark she would just stand in that spot and die.

Actually they would starve even after i've build a foundation, lemon tree, fishing rod, or a firepit regardless. At one point my cursor did turn into a lemon but when I clicked it did nothing.

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Made a video!

I actually made 2 videos on this game, and I have to say I really like it! I talked about some minor implementations that could be made, didnt touch on them too much, just trying to build a robot community! :D

So far, I have lemons and wood, cant feed the two survivors nor will they eat by themselves with the available food, I can only get so far before they just die of starvation, not to mention their health depletes rather fast.