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Very cool and comfy. I really like the art. Everything feels good to control, and I like the feel of the world. I wish there was a bit more slow build up, it's a little overwhelming to have to put together your party, select classes, and gear up all right up front. If those elements were introduced more slowly they would feel more rewarding.  Like, if you started by yourself, and after fighting alone for a while, you got another party member. And eventually you get a full team going. Then you would be more appreciative of the help. Same for items. Maybe take the difficulty down a bit too, I had my party wipe the first time I went out into the world, against some skellingtons.

Overall, a lot of potential here. Keep it up.

Thank you. I wanted to get that old school feeling of instant action, but y'know adding a small intro event wouldn't hurt. 
You just gave me an idea.