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Known Bug #02 (and a half) - Mid-level save data doesn't get cleared

Description: Quitting in the middle of the campaign level, then beating it later, will cause you to load back into that level when you select "Continue" from the title menu.  ADDITIONALLY, selecting "Erase save data" on the title screen will not remove the mid-level save data.

Threat Level: Mid; cannot be fixed without manipulating files in the file browser. 

Steps to reproduce: 

  • Enter a campaign level
  • Quit (don't retreat)
  • Continue campaign mode
  • Beat the level 
  • Quit to the title screen from the level select area
  • Continue campaign mode
  • Observe

How to fix: 

  • Open the file location where katjasabyss(.exe/.app) is (where the game is on your computer)
  • Open katjasabyss.saves
  • Delete 3.rsav
  • (This works to resolve both of the issues described above.)

Fixed on: 4/12/21 (Hotfix 1.0.1)