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Hey thanks for the fix Twonky, I can at least see something now.

Still lots of bugs though, will take some time to get through all of them I think


I played around some more and actually found the bug. I noticed everytime something in the files said 0.75 I noticed it acted like it was actually 75. So I decided to go through the files and exchange every "." with a "," and now it works without a problem and a lot of bugs that I found are resolved at once.

Here is the REAL fixed version. Worldgen works and roads can now be used without the player dying of old age.

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Thanks for putting out a fix while I was asleep.

I think the root cause is a culture issue when loading the mod files. Here in the states the culture (as a programming term) specifies periods for decimal points. I'm betting that where you live the culture specifies commas. I'll work up a proper fix, but it may take until tomorrow (real life concerns).

Yes that's it, ain't the first time this has happened.

Also a little question. Is it possible to destroy/capture maskling settlements yet? And if yes is there a period I have to replace involved?

Settlement capture and destruction is planned for the Conquest Update, which I plan to start work on as soon as the 2.0 bugs are ironed out.

Okay, found a better fix than using Twonky's mod. This is for people who live in regions where commas are used for decimal place. Instructions are for Windows 7 but probably apply to different Windows.

Go to Control Panel -> Region and Language.

Change the Format to some type of English, or else it probably also works if you go to Additional Settings and change the Decimal symbol to "."