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I read this last night, and it was so perfect, such a sweet and happy story, I loved it. As someone who wants desperately to be a girl, I fell in love with Pisti's character. I'm a bit younger then her, but I can vibe with how she feels for the most part. It would be really nice to get that HRT, but unfortunately I don't have the best situation. Anyway, thank you a ton for making this. it really took me out of a lousy day. Much love!


it makes me so happy to hear this game helped you make a lousy day into a good one!
even if you arent able to get on hormones now there is always going to be time to start them eventually. whenever youre in a safe place to do so, transition doesnt have to start with hormones either, pisti started her journey a lot before that, me included! its never too late! and on top of everything  you may think you want to be a girl, but you already are a girl!!!