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Question. Can you continue playing after you get a bad end, for example with Mistrya? If I support the patreon(Will do soon~), does the game continue?

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AFAIK, yes, the game can continue when you get a bad end (it is locked behind donating to patreon, tho)

Yep, the version on Patreon has those scenes unlocked! Thanks so much for supporting!

Sorry to ask another question, indivi. If I support the patreon(10$), will the scenes be there permanently or do I have to resubscribe? Also, love your game~!

How it works is, I post a backer version of the game on Patreon for you to download that has all the scenes unlocked. You keep that version regardless of if you stay subscribed or not! But obviously, it won't have access to backer scenes that I make in the future, in which case you would be expected to support again if you want to see those scenes!

Regardless, thanks for supporting, and glad you're enjoying it!