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Is there a walkthrough or guide on how to find stuff/interactions? I commonly get stuck on a part until I blindly stumble into the solution, but it takes forever and i have no clue what to do in the meantime

why is mina never happy?  i've done a few sex scenes and given her the dress (kept her in the lair tho) but she's never happy. am i doing something wrong or missing something?

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i'm not sure if the context attack to strip the bandit girl's shorts works, i have 100% Nim and when i select it it says i attempt to drop them, but nothing happen (though stripping the top works just fine)

I agree, the slave trade was a really interesting concept that totally deserves to see the light of day again

no, just the most recent one

I think that a marine-styled penis would be kinda cool, long and tapered to a point at the end

Actually, you're supposed to get a massage with Lin Lin after buying a counterfeit pass. It will fall out and she'll notice, pay her a small fee (I don't remember how much) and she'll bring you to the tattoo artist who will fix them for you for 500 credits each. Alternatively, if you dont want to pay 500 credits, you can fix it yourself with an ink pen one of your stats is high enough (I believe it is either senses or intelligence)

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is this gonna get changed in the future? (maybe lust doll gets some new and improved sprites someday) i'm kind of OCD about the stupidest things like this, but I understand that its not anywhere on the priority list.

i just realized that the crotch of the player is kind of inverted, with the legs taking forward priority (they're ahead of the crotch, making the area look pushed in and squished, kind of like a V shape) compared to other characters which have a normal looking crotch (a bit outward and in a rounded U shape)

Are there any new weapons and holdable items planned? i'd love to just cheekily hold the master sword while waiting for fawn down at the club or to beat up the milk slavers with an engineer wrench

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It has vast amounts of new content, and a little bit of content was changed from the original (Slavers in the original took you to a slave auction, Slavers in Plus take you to the milk farm. Also indivi you should totally do something with the slave auction idea, it was admittedly one of my favourite parts of the original)

You should make some scenes play a bit differently if you choose the new game+ (ie: you could drain kiss rinny's tail when you meet her, you can skip cassie because you already know where the city is, etc)

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the steam version will almost definitely be paid, but will have all features included with it (continuations after bad ends, etc)

you  could do what you did with the thicc mode, and have the player unlock it

i also think it would be a cool idea for double penises, but yeah that'd take quite a bit of time to implement, i'd assume

you should totally add in an option for gills into the editor where you get whiskers/freckles

I have to say, my favourite thing to do is get fuckin slammed and have poor Cassie tend to me when I'm feeling the aftereffects

are there any fawn scenes with the dungeon yet?

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any ETA for the steam version, if possible?

Not quite true, Lust Doll+ runs on a newer version of what Lust Doll used. Lust doll+ has had more content than the old one for a while now.

possibly, if indivi decides to release a steam version when the game is done

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AFAIK, yes, the game can continue when you get a bad end (it is locked behind donating to patreon, tho)

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Any Plans with Gin? He really do be kinda thicc tho, and for us to not tap that thiccness would literally be a warcrime. Also apparently Wild Catboys in the park can Take off meat parasites to fuck you, the meat parasites reappear after they're done tho.

ah, okay. I hope they are eventually added, maybe not right now haha.

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Maybe Beaks could be another Mouth/Face Texture? They would be selected in the editor under the mouth or Face tile (i dont know what to call it lol)

Are there any plans to add more Species/Race Parts? (wings, beaks, tails, ears, etc?)

quick question (which probably has a very obvious answer but im dumb) where do i install this to in the lustdoll+ folder?

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I love being a slave in these types of games, so i hope you've planned a steam version

Hope to see this on steam!

will the patreon exclusive content (ie: the continue playing option for getting a bad end) still be limited to patreons when the game is finished?

This feels like DDLC all over again. I got the NF Vacation end first, then got the suicide ending. Dear god; my Heart.

What is The Discord for this? I can't Find a valid link.