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do not know where else to give feedback:

using the warehouse/truckdepot is really counterintuitive. as in i could not get the truck depot trade routes to work at all. why only get 3 outputs from the warehouse? would also be nice to set the warehouse as a source for specific products in your buildings. the push trade route concept is very limiting.

in addition the whole concept of only ever being able to transport to 3 locations is just terrible. you cannot get a nice balance between your buildings. balancing output/input should be fun and not tedious and illogical.

also since the last patch getting profitable production lines is impossible for some products.

3 destinations for pushing is necessary or trade routes would be pointless. Warehouses have an extra 3 for pulling. 

What exactly do you find confusing about that whole system? Maybe the answer is in the tutorial...

As for profits, the game is considerably easier in the last patch (will be even easier in 3.1). Just focus on the products wanted at 125%.

Drop by our Discord, there are tons of other players that will give you a hand:

the problem is that the amount of buildings being supported is not always 1, 2 or 3 depending on the distance to the target. in my current game i can support more than 4 buildings which is clumsy because i need to use 2 outgoing routes to other factories and 1 to a warehouse and then 3 from that warehouse to other factories (because the warehouse can also only support 3). that just doesnt feel intuitive at all. its not even fun because it gets complicated really fast.

in addition i actually played many games where i never used trade routes because there is really no point. maybe instead of inhibiting the use of the destination tab remove it from buildings completely. then it would be possible to use trade routes with the truck depot to carry wares from/to factories and train trade routes for long distance. would imho make much more sense. it is always nicer to only have one mechanic instead of 2 competing options where one is unnecessarily complicated/restricitve to force the player to use the other mechanic as well.