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Interesting :)...
I'm a fan of roguelites like TowerClimb, Spelunky and Downwell

I remember seeing an early impressions review of your game a while back.
What changes have you made since?


Thanks :)

We've added quite a few  since the review from GameTurtle:

  • Added a system of runes; which give the players perks including being able to glide, being able to carry and throw things unimpeded, stealing health enemies. 
  • Fleshed out the Grotto of Guidance much more. Including
  • Added a new boss: the bronze soldier.
  • Some additional enemies and traps.
  • Updated most of the graphics, particularly in the garden area.
  • Much more particle effects (particularly for weapons and player actions)
  • Extended the sound track with several more tracks including a unique musical piece for bosses.
  • Multiple other tweaks, rebalancing and bug fixes from player feedback.
  • Much more... 

I can post the updates from June to now in the dev log if you like :)

We're fans of the 3 games you've mentioned to; having spent 50-100 hours finishing each in turn. Haven't quite beat Downwell on Hard yet though; nor gotten all 7 legendary fragments in the challenge run for TowerClimb (brutal boiler being the main roadblock right now XD). Glad you mentioned TowerClimb as it was actually the first roguelite platformer we played (even before Spelunky and Rogue Legacy) back in 2013 :)

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TowerClimb is grossly underrated...never quite got the attention it deserved.
As for the 7 fragments run (which I'm also yet to finish): brutal boiler isn't too bad; after a lot of practice winchshot becomes second nature (albeit infuriating if you don't reorder the levels to practice ;)). The arcade was the hardest for me (damn stun./zap blocks are hard to predict/outrun). Aura  a spin; if it's good I might leave you a tip :)

EDIT: Neat game; 
Reminds me alot of TowerClimb, Catacomb Kids or Spelunky with the depth of interactions (though a fair bit more forgiving and quite different). TC is still my favorite; but I look forward to seeing how Aura develops :)


Thank you :)! We have much more content for you over the coming weeks.

Also thanks for leaving a review; it really does help the project to get noticed :).