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TowerClimb is grossly underrated...never quite got the attention it deserved.
As for the 7 fragments run (which I'm also yet to finish): brutal boiler isn't too bad; after a lot of practice winchshot becomes second nature (albeit infuriating if you don't reorder the levels to practice ;)). The arcade was the hardest for me (damn stun./zap blocks are hard to predict/outrun). Aura  a spin; if it's good I might leave you a tip :)

EDIT: Neat game; 
Reminds me alot of TowerClimb, Catacomb Kids or Spelunky with the depth of interactions (though a fair bit more forgiving and quite different). TC is still my favorite; but I look forward to seeing how Aura develops :)


Thank you :)! We have much more content for you over the coming weeks.

Also thanks for leaving a review; it really does help the project to get noticed :).