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Hi Austin, 

Thank you for playing my game. Out of your list I believe I have fixed problems: #1, #4, and #6. If you would, please give the new version a download and let me know if you feel those issues are fixed. The other issues I will likely focus on for the full game as development moves forward.

Your feedback is highly valued, and Happy Halloween!

P.S. If you like the game please rate it, it really helps me out :)

Thanks for the reply nice to see the changes animation looks nicer now and the stamina works better may i suggest you increase the stamina regeneration if you play games like dark souls you notice that your stamina drops fast but it comes back fairly quickly makes the player able to attack and roll a lot but they cant stun lock enemy's and have to move back after an attacking stage.  also does your AI have rigid Body because when you run into them they get moved back should probably turn them to kinematics and when you need the AI to move use Nav mesh agent and a nave mesh obstacle on the player this will improve the movement of the AI and make them less slidey on the ground.

Thanks for the chance to play,

Austin Jones.

The AI have both nav mesh agents and rigid bodies on them. I will take a look at how messing with the kinematic setting affects them. 

Thank you for playing! The game is made for the players :)

If you are using the rigid body for collisions then kinematic will work fine it just takes off all the physics.