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Follow me at and if you ask i might make some guide on how to make a game like this one.

If you are using the rigid body for collisions then kinematic will work fine it just takes off all the physics.

Thanks for the reply nice to see the changes animation looks nicer now and the stamina works better may i suggest you increase the stamina regeneration if you play games like dark souls you notice that your stamina drops fast but it comes back fairly quickly makes the player able to attack and roll a lot but they cant stun lock enemy's and have to move back after an attacking stage.  also does your AI have rigid Body because when you run into them they get moved back should probably turn them to kinematics and when you need the AI to move use Nav mesh agent and a nave mesh obstacle on the player this will improve the movement of the AI and make them less slidey on the ground.

Thanks for the chance to play,

Austin Jones.


Played your game really like the low poly models and atmosphere,

Anyway, I notice a few bugs.

1. Animations a lot of your animations and the speed the player is moving at aren’t synced so it looks like the model is gliding.

2. Your camera has no clipping, so it can be pushed through the walls of the world easy fix there should be anti-camera clipping script in the unity standard assets.

3. Attacking animations need more weight to them so that after enemy swings it takes time for them to pick up a weapon your cant achieves this look with a timer needs to be a part of the animation its self.

4. Enemy lock on you can lock on to an enemy that’s on the other side of the map you can fix with a distance check or if you want to avoid being able to lock on to enemy’s through walls use a sphere recast basically whenever the enemy is within the sphere a ray cast will be shot at it if it hits then you can lock on to it.

5. The rolling is a bit clunky I’m guessing that when the player presses W,A,S,D it sets the type of roll you will use kind of works but would work better if I was based on your velocity of the rigid body on the player and when the rigid body has 0 velocity on the X and Z it always rolls forwards, the roll makes the player slower probably would work better if the it added force to the current velocity of the rigid body.

6. Stamina regenerates while you are spending it making it last forever makes it very easy to stun lock enemies.

7. When the enemy attacks you and you move away from them before they finish their attack they kind of get bugged and slide back to the original position must be to do with if your using bools to turn off and on AI behaviors not sure how you can fix this might need to check your timers when the enemy attacks.

Other than that, thanks for the chance to play your game I enjoyed it and Happy Halloween.

P.S sorry for bad spelling,

Austin Jones @TrashProgrammer