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I worked out what was going on quickly enough, and I love the idea of combining the mastermind mechanic with the dungeon crawling I think there could be a really cool almost rogue-lite game in that.

I did really struggle with the enemies though, the angles they came at me from made it really hard to shoot as they would go just above/below my magic and in some cases I’d be unable to jump them because of platforms. Because of that I didn’t get too far, but if i understand the gods hints then I did get at least 2 gems right before giving up.

Controls were a bit floaty but as I’ve noticed from a few games that’s just a personal preference. I also really liked reading about your self imposed 128x128 limit. Those sorts of challenges are a lot of fun!

Great job!

Thanks for trying out my game!

My personal major grievances that I'd like to have had time to improve are floaty controls (they were a lot floatier in the beginning though so I did manage to get some progress in this area), the claustrophobic levels (I was thinking that even a simple player character minifying from current a height 32 to 24 might change the available manouever area enough to have major impact) and the enemy behaviour, or rather, the unfairness of it.

Nothing impossible, but would've required a couple days of massaging to get to something a bit more reasonable. Might or might not revisit postjam.

Thank you for the feedback!