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Hi there! Thank you for kind words.

The flame is just a particle effect produced with LÖVE ( framework. The graphics used by the particle is actually already there in the tileset. It only uses one, 16x16 tile from the tileset. In v1 it's {x:160,y:304} in v2 I moved it to {x:208,y:256}.

Anyway, I'm sure it's as easy to setup with any particle system your engine of choice is using :)

Moreover if one would try to use the a frame-based animation for this effect the results wouldn't look as good so there is no point of producing one, hence I'm going to produce one.

I had this questions a couple of times already. I've create an example .love file so you can take a look inside.

Awesome, I was able to do a nice particle system in unity with the sprite you mentioned (v2.  {x:208,y:256}). As soon as i have some play test demo I will be sending it to you.

Thanks again

BTW a few weeks ago I sent you a link for you to take a look at a game a am doing in windows, you mentioned that it freezes using wine, so here is the web browser version of it :)

For my next mini game I will be using your sprites since they are awesome; cant wait to show you my progress.


Can't wait to see it :)

Also: fun game, keep up the good work!