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Stylish and slightly altered, but don't try to hide the fact that this stems directly from Open TTD. I'd love to play, but price is too high for what it is, and it's pretty much the same thing as its free sister game.

Recommendation: Variety. Lots of it. Other than that, you have a solid game.

It really does not stem from OTTD. The similarities are few and far apart. The art style is a low-poly version of SimCity3000, and the gameplay is that of Industry Giant 2. We offer far more things to do than just transporting stuff from A to B

Could you tell me about some of the new Dynamics then? I don't mean to sound rude at all. It looks like a pretty decent game overall. Thank you

I do agree, it's quite much for a like this. I can see this price when the game is finished. But right now I'm probably gonna hold off.