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Hi @frankiejrey!

I updated this pack with separated weapons version. Now you can use any weapon in any character.

If you need more control over character customization, such as colors or showing only specific parts of the body, you can use our character creation tool:

Thank you. How can I get access to the update? Also, I want to buy Character Creation Tool but I am a Mac user. I have reached out to 1up Indie, and hopefully he creates Mac support. I would be your first customer.

Never-mind, I found it. Thank you very much. I will send you link to my prototype when it is complete.

Excellent! I'm waiting to see how your game will be!

About the tool, there may be some way to run Windows applications on the Mac. You can download the DEMO version and see if it works for you.

Yes, a virtual machine which I have. This is why I asked in another forum if it is stand alone. This way I can run the program in VM without needing GM.