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Yes, a virtual machine which I have. This is why I asked in another forum if it is stand alone. This way I can run the program in VM without needing GM.

Never-mind, I found it. Thank you very much. I will send you link to my prototype when it is complete.

Thank you. How can I get access to the update? Also, I want to buy Character Creation Tool but I am a Mac user. I have reached out to 1up Indie, and hopefully he creates Mac support. I would be your first customer.

Can I commission you for these sprites separate from the gun? I am using for a top-down shooter and the weapon is a separate object. I am not too artistic to modify.

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Any chance anyone can guide me to a gun pack that would match this style? I am building a top-down shooter similar to gungeon

I had this issue. An easier route is to go to settings > security & privacy > general. At the bottom it will say that Character creator tried to open, click on "allow anyway". Note: You must have tried to open it first, and must have admin permissions.

I would love backsprites. I imagine it would be easy to implement. Please add!

Thank you.

Does this include character from Future Fantasy?

I am building a toop-down shooter using Game Maker Studio 2. I need the weapons to be separate from the charcter sprite. Are your weapons separated from the characters?

Looking forward to it!

If you have top-down map tileset that matches this artwork I would love to buy it.