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I finished two routes, and let me give a big tip of the hat to the creator. It is an amazing project that has realized what it’s about. I’ll be sure to recommend it to my friends! 


Now admittedly I did get a bad ending for choosing to solo a particular green croc, WHICH BROKE MY HEART. PLEASE HEL P.

(End spoiler)

I hope to see you do more, and look forward to your future works!  

Hey there! (Writer here, filling in while the amazing DCS is at a convention so your comment doesn't get lost.)

I'm super glad you think our project achieved what we were setting out to do, even if that one ending broke your heart -- Burdoc's character is something I'm pretty happy with overall, so it really makes me glad to know that you loved him enough to try and see his story through to the end, even if that's not exactly how things shake out!

Thanks for playing! <3

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(I'm at the con replying to this message, hehe!)

I'm so glad to hear you liked the game! I'm so sorry to hear the sad end broke your heart, WAH!

If you try spending an equal amount of time with both Burdoc and Malik, I think you'll like the ending a lil better hehe.