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It is a game, but it's a relatively loose one compared to something like a lot of mainstream role-playing games or board games. It's more akin to cooperative storytelling where you're making a story together, with the rules to provide prompts and suggestions about where they story should go next. As you might suspect, it's pretty loose; IMO, it probably wouldn't fit the theme to be shuffling miniatures around or counting up XP.

I admit this isn't probably a good introduction to role-playing games, particularly the "storygame" kind, if you're not familiar, as it was written pretty off-the-cuff. I'd suggest around two to five players running punks and one player running the system.

If you have specific questions, just let me know, and thanks for giving it a look!


Well sounds like a cool concept for sure and i agree on the part with the figurines & XP :;D 

Yeah i guess i will need to wait till the whole covid situation cooles down a bit before i can try with some friends tho.

Thanks! When you get around to it, let me know how it goes.