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cool, I’ve been looking forward to this update. I’ll try it tonight and give feedback

Looking forward to it!

sorry for the delay but I finally got around to testing it last night. Played the whole game from beginning to end. It’s really cool, the whip feels great but I wish it had more use than just the beginning part. I really like the third person camera but I found while watching my son play that the camera would randomly go outside the temple while he was inside. I suggest making the part where you beat the boss and go up and over the temple to move a bit faster. I found that part on both times to be long and boring while you slowly move to where your supposed to go afterwards. The music was really cool and made the scene much more intense. I think the game needs a bit more parts like that to improve the pacing of the game or at least add music to the rest of the game. One suggestion i request is because this is inspired by Indiana Jones is to have a part we can roll under a closing door or a really low door we could crawl under like in the movies