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Super cute game! Especially like all the power ups and how powerful you feel at the end. 

There were a few times where I was able to get to places I shouldn't have. Like before the broom boost, I was able to get over the gap by timing a dash and double jump and then wall climbing to barely make it across but honestly it wasn't too much of an issue haha

The only other thing I felt could be better is maybe the main weapon and the knockback in the game. The main weapon felt a tad weak even though the damage was good, especially since you had to be close to use it. And the knockback was inconsistent in the direction it sends you so sometimes if there were a lot of enemies you would get bopped around and  not get the chance to reorient yourself. Maybe have the arc be wider or switch to a straighter shot so the weapon has more flexibility and tone down the knockdown a bit so it's easier to react to.

Other than that really great job on the game! \(^-^)/


Thank you so much this is some really good feedback - I like the idea of maybe adding a different weapon, the arcing weapon does make things a little difficult - maybe if I make a sequel I'll think about adding variations on that. Thanks for checking out my game much appreciated :D