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Hey Dave! If you remember I was the first guy to post a video of " Dora Is Dead" on your page! I really like Dracula's Castle! It's really fun, and I had a blast playing it!

Thanks for playing! From what I've seen, people really like my game. I'll definitely update the demo with the basement level when I finish it. Might take some time, it depends on my schedule. If all goes well, I might finish it in a week or two. Fingers crossed that it'll be out before the end of October!

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Right now I'm working on the next Alpha build of Dracula's Castle but at the same time working on A Nightmare on Sesame Street. The way I see it, I'm probably going to finish A Nightmare on Sesame Street before I release the next alpha build, even though the Basement area is 90% done. So yeah, I'm delaying the update mainly because  I'm gonna add floor 2 along with the basement so the gameplay is extended and won't be a disappointment. I guess you'll be able to look forward to A Nightmare on  Sesame Street coming sometime in November and the next update to Dracula's Castle possibly coming out in November aswell.

Here's a teaser for A Nightmare on Sesame Street.

Looking forward to both! lemme know when they release and I'll play them :)

Nightmare on Sesame Street is ready. It'll be out in 10-30 minutes.

Okay it's out now. Enjoy! And let me know if you encounter any bugs or problems with the game, cause there usually are when I first release a game.

The new Alpha 2 build has been released. It's not an update btw it's a separate game. I'm basicly doing what Hello Neighbor is doing, how he releases Alpha builds as separate games and not updates. Well I hope you enjoy this new update!

Then I will be playing that in the next couple days! :)

Awesome, I'll look forward to seeing you play it.