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Deleted 355 days ago

wrong whitch lol

I'm not designing with speedrunning in mind exactly. You're the only person I'm aware of to mention the freeze framing, but I'll take a look. And from what I've seen of speed-running, they almost always avoid battles anyhow.

As much as I'd love to let you explore the world more, that's not the point of the demo and would be impossible for me to create in such a short timespan. The purpose of a demo is to show you what the game has planned. If I had those areas built then it wouldn't be a demo but an actual game.

Thanks for playing. :)

Deleted 355 days ago

There's going to be quite a variety of weapons in the game. I gave the axe to show that various weapon types are available, and the flame sword was to show that weapon enchantments are also implemented. It's difficult to spread loot out over such a short demo, but won't be so in your face in the full game. I just want to give people a chance to play with whatever toy tickles their fancy.

There's plenty of people speedrunning the game already, I just meant that I personally am not designing with speed running in mind. I will improve things where I can, but I'm more interested game feel over decreasing people's run times.

Zoe isn't a reference to Hollow Knight. I've barely played the game (got stuck on the first encounter with Hornet) and don't even know who Zote is. :) I just picked the name Zoe because it's funny and sounds a bit magical.

Deleted 355 days ago