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Got repetitive only got 6 cars but really smooth controls, overall 10/10 recommend to try :D

Awesome loved it, more levels asap

sure has an intresting special style

Wonderful, thanks so much  :D


here you cant move like at all or i haven't found a way to : 9213998960

no way to get score here : 8857416049

31 is fun you get afk points

this was super fun for some reason :d low the blackthornProd vibez

Hey i just bought this asset and it looks really dope and you really did a amazing job! i just love the character :D

one question tho so in the zip inside 'Bonus Tileset' folder theres a file called Tileset.aseprite and its buged or its like a random file, theres also a file named Bonus Tileset.png and that one looks fine. just curious what was the Tileset.aseprite for?

this is for commercial use too right? not like i have ever released a game but still asking

This is still, an amazing asset used this in 3 projects so far didn't release and of them...  5000stars

awesome gg

Check my insta for updates

brick goes bang and now i died in space 

it was loud af i think that's what i meant lol

haha I didn't liked the monsters so I was like how to speed things up so I can focus on collecting more .. oh insta kill that's handy XD

I mean the ending is kinda lame it should have used a few animations or even some story but sure it's a game jam game so it was perfect, I would be very interested if this gets developed further :D

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love the music how to get a lighter tho? also i have no issues with sound on Brave 

the game froze and bugged out when I was on the last layer after like 50mins of playing the bug was that my character went into the shooting thing but it wasn't any wave so and the UI didn't come up to upgrade as I had every single upgrade and I was forced to close the tab.. so can someone tell me what does the end looks like couldn't find any playthroughs on yt and stuff :C

also beat it in 13 minutes :D

10/10 great music simple but great pixel art style overall great controls, would recommend to anyone

Hey great job, I jumped out of the map so you should fix that it was pretty boring to play it solo but I still played it for like 30mins xD

how the heck can I enter the houses? it's not E or right-click hell it's not even a tab or space so what is it?

pretty cool

I gave up the boss is a nightmare it is too random and there is no way to tell which platform will fall please playtest it with a family member or a friend before you release a rage game

also love the art and all just the sounds and everything for the girl feel way to HEAVY

Is the girl made from stone? she feels heavy af but then also floats which makes it weird

thanks, you saved me a few clicks

wrong whitch lol

haven't even used the glider XD

also tried to make some hollow knight like jumping [click for screenshot]

this would be way more helpful if we could see the source code and use it as a reference for out games :P


Hey im not going to download this, make it online playable it doesn't seem like a very CPU killer game with AAA graphics, so why not? I hate downloading simple projects like this than when I finish it deleting them and finding the zip and deleting that its just a lot of time xd

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This is awesome one suggestion tho,maybe you could add something in the menu that shows how many endings you got like a scene where the endings you have are highlighted, i would recommend this to anyone😁

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lmao best strat spam right trigger and smash shift and you get buggy slow-mo and you switch between bullet types so you instantly kill everyone :D Highscore : 500 fr dude put some delay on the switching and the slowmo

Wow this is great if I ever make some money from my game ill support you with it :D

I only need the texture as a reference but thanks a lot

Hey I changed the asset a little bit (I pixelated it) if I ever finish this project I'll credit you :D