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yeah I have no issues playing games plus I just released a game on WebGL and it runs fine too

you should add more animal types but super fun game great job!

The game just froze for me after death...  no way to exit

Oh no only the flashing red bones are obstacles but fair I didn't specify that the orbs are the power-ups , thanks for playing :))

Oh I see well technically it's allowed but you won't earn points if you stay "hidden" so I think that is fair plus if you go more to the side you appear on the other side (retro game teleport vibe), but thanks for the feedback appreciate it

crappy noname virus detectors always get false positive unless some popular brand says its a virus dont worry you all good 👍 

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First of all thanks for trying it out im sorry you had some issues it sounds kinda weird to me cause i made it so you get teleported to the other side when you go to far to the side.

what is your screen resolution and did you play in full screen ? 

Hi well candy eating pumpkin.. so you kinda got the question anwsered, the bones even flash red to indicate warning and all my playtesters had no issues with that.. but if I had more time I would have made a tutorial just couldnt use all the time I had cause of uni I started this year.. anyways thanks for the review and hope you had fun playing it :D

Thanks for trying out this little game , hope you had fun playing it :))

I just couldn't pass the level it was frustrating the spider wouldn't jump and the timer was too fast would love to play it , the art and music looks nice tho

doesnt load for me :c just a gray square 

This was fun on the last level i realized I can use my mouse XD

The red bugs in the end killed me randomly while dashing so I wasn't sure if I was messing it up or not but it turns out it was just a bug ... little annoying it took me 5 minutes to get past those 3  bugs at the end but loved the game overall 8/10 experience, PS: Controls like jumping dashing (xc) made my hands hurt in the end .. I would say space shift for more ergonomic inputs

I used your music in my project Pumpkin-Quest for Cozy Autumn Game Jam (2023) thanks again appreciate it :))

Yoo, I might have to take this offer but let's talk in a month when it starts until than take care!

Thanks so much for playing the game, well with uni I will see if I can expand the game or more like when I can, and thanks for the ideas tbh the invincibility powerup used to slow down candies but it made the gameplay kinda boring imo so last minute I changed it to just a simple i-frame but these are solid ideas thanks :D

Thank you so much I appreciate that. 🍬 

Nice game super cozy, the difficulty curve was a little too steep for me at first, and I didn't finish all but it fits with the theme super great and I loved this little world you made and the cute mushrooms are just a *chef kiss*

Yep I admit it can get a little boring but I tried to make it super enjoyable and random so there is a way of infinite replayability, Thanks for trying it out :D

Thanks for playing and for the comment :))

Thank you for playing :))

Cosy AF, chill music, beautiful art style, juicy and responsive movement, overall loved it! :D

Wow My ears are blown off my head this music is LITTTTTTTTTTT

Got repetitive only got 6 cars but really smooth controls, overall 10/10 recommend to try :D

Awesome loved it, more levels asap

sure has an intresting special style

Wonderful, thanks so much  :D


here you cant move like at all or i haven't found a way to : 9213998960

no way to get score here : 8857416049

31 is fun you get afk points

this was super fun for some reason :d low the blackthornProd vibez

Hey i just bought this asset and it looks really dope and you really did a amazing job! i just love the character :D

one question tho so in the zip inside 'Bonus Tileset' folder theres a file called Tileset.aseprite and its buged or its like a random file, theres also a file named Bonus Tileset.png and that one looks fine. just curious what was the Tileset.aseprite for?

this is for commercial use too right? not like i have ever released a game but still asking

This is still, an amazing asset used this in 3 projects so far didn't release and of them...  5000stars

awesome gg

Check my insta for updates

brick goes bang and now i died in space 

it was loud af i think that's what i meant lol