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Thanks for trying it out, and for the feedback!

To try to get some extra discussion going, let me try to ask a blunt question:

What would you pay for the game (if anything) if it was released like it is now?

And what kind of improvements could make it worth 5$ more than that?

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I think that in its current state, it would be worth somewhere between $5-10

It has good content that lasts for a bit, but if you had 5 bucks more? Maybe have a multiplayer racing mode, multiple levels, make textures a little more high definition, and maybe add a level creator. all that might actually be more like a $15-20 game

Don't take it only from me though, I usually don't buy games more than $10, so I'm kinda cheap. Get some other people's thoughts, too.

Oh, and sorry for replying so slow, I was playing Rec Room.