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Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I get motion-sick pretty easy in VR (I usually use teleport locomotion) and I did have to stop playing after an hour or so. (...)  I did try both smooth and linear platform motion, I think I preferred smooth and would probably prefer smoother.

That's interesting; it goes against conventional wisdom for how to avoid motion thickness. I can try to increase the maximum smoothness value of the slider so you can try turning it further up in the next build.

I've seen other games obscure part of the FOV while in motion, maybe that would help.  Making more platforms where you walk directly off the front of the platform, rather than the side, would likely help.
Unfortunately the stepping off platforms to the side is quite important to be able to keep traversing and still stay within the play space, so I don't think I can change that. I tried reducing the FOV earlier in development and it felt weird to me, but I can give it another shot.
I may go back and try to finish the game later, but I don't think I'll be able to get farther than that--my head is spinning and need to go lay down for the rest of the evening!

The game saves your progress so I recommend playing in shorter sessions. :) If you keep it shorter, the feeling might not linger as much - let me know how it goes!