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hello i like the game its pretty fun and love the puzzles just some bugs i found in the game im quite confuse on where to go since there are no indications on wat location is the next stopby 

some bugs found

-floating papers from the ground

-idk if this is a bug but i got a key from the drawer and i tried to open the door from the enemy room and its not unlocking its right there in the video

-the drawers open and close each time i go to a room

some minor problems

-there are plenty rooms in there that idk wat their purpose is like the small library 

-no indications like some dialogues from the character on telling the player when to go next 

-the quit button from the inventory idk if its me but it might confuse other players if its like an exit inventory but it quit from game which might ruin their gameplay as seen on the video aswell

-save options when you die from the enemy room you return from the start its pretty annoying since they have to retry the puzzle over and over again making a save option will fix this pretty much

overall its pretty fun puzzle game and il make another part when i figured everything out so i labeled it as part 1

il tag you to twitter aswell

I can help you with the key, I encountered the same problem. The key is used for another door across the door in the starting room. There is an office there, where you will find the next clue.