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nice gameee i put this on my new Horror games series Two free horror games thank you for making this game very short but very fun and spooky at the same time :)

i like the game i put it on my new series two free horror games thanks for making this even tho i played very shortly

amazing game thanks for making this game free so im also planning to make a series out of it :)

i cant seem to click anything when the game pops up

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amazing fps horror game kinda similar to a game that i played on steam killing floor i think but overall it gave me the spooks i also made a vid out of it u guys can also support my channel im nearing 100 subs 

overall Its an awesome game im gonna make a series of it probably

i did a face reveal when playing this XD anyways the game is really scary the car one got the hell out of me nice try for your first game 10/10

manage to finish 1 part of the game as i found the key XD will make a series out of this game if u guys want me to anyway i love the game and the pixel art similar to rpg horror maker games that i have played way bacck

This is the most beautiful pixelated Game iv ever played love every part of it i felt sad at the ending tho cant wait for the full game

gonna make a series out of this game

sorry i did't finish the full game but i love the creepy atmosphere similar to some of the games that i played like PT for example and Locked up 

but overall its a pretty good game thanks for developing it :)

i did't finish the game on cam since i scream alot and it might make some of my viewers annoyed so i just end the video where im stuck on getting jumpscares and shizz HHAHAH i did finish the game and i became a slave to my grandpapy so im basically stuck on an infinite loop of delivering dr pepper XD 

Aside from that a pretty good game i love it and all the jumpscares it gave me 

pretty fun game its not that scary but yea it does the job for a short horror game love the music and the idea of shrinking when getting attack XD Thanks for making the game

Played the game and its really creepy even my mom got spooked in the end lol it has a creepy atmosphere similar to one late night And i never expect that jumpscare in the end XD by far one of the scaries jumpscares i ever experience

Love the ps1 styled Horror Vibes on this one im still looking for more endings XD looks like i got the bad one But overall its a pretty Cool and good Game Love it<3

Awesome Game dude i love how cute the chase scene in this game i made a short horror Gameplay about u can check it out here :)

love the game very Creepy i actually was confused and scared to move since im weak in this type of horror games but i managed to keep my balls up and start moving like a man HAHAH  I love the game cant wait for the full version in steam :)

very creepy game I made a video of it to