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Hello donating and downloading the game is very much appreciated :D

Very good game

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Good music can i use this for our games

i will certainly give credits 

Thank you love the packs i bought this with the bundle included love the art aswell will make a game with this

hello sorry for the late reply i will fix that on my next game that im working on and i will make a very light wood footsteps that are fit for the game 

thank you for the feedback :D

Hello really enjoyed the game my friend also enjoyed it althought he is not a big rpg maker fan i have been waiting for this game ever since the day you released the trailer and it really feels like im playing IB all over again its an amazing work of art will continue to make a series of it :D

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hello thanks for playing the game

the game itself was a trial for the new tilesets that i got from malibudarby in itch but yes the ending does serve a continuation the game was made in vx ace right now i bought rpg maker mv im am planning to make another game that is a continuation on this in mv it will be a different art style than this and much more longer but im still in collage as a game dev 

so this will take some time to make il start working on it by the end August

hey thanks for playing the game :D

i love it its very fun like the first game and hella scary with the jumpscares

i cant wait for the full release of this game since im hella curius on the story

hello thanks for the reply :D yes i manage to use the font in the game off cam its really fun i do however want to see a longer version in the near future 

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Made a short review of the game its pretty fun and i do understand the bugs in rpg maker engine since i also develop games in there but overall the game is really spot on i love how you notice all of the attention to detail like washing hands and taking a bath even if its a small difference it lands a big impact to the game it just means you did't leave every tilesets hanging very well done 

little minor things tho

maybe adding a much more loader footstep sounds next time or a slight tone of bgm in every place since the game is relatively silent in terms of atmosphere

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i see there is a secret after the credits i thought it was just a credit since i hit space then i return to the menu i will check this out now

thank you very much the game was awesome

i made a game review on the game its my first time doing it considering the game is awesome :D

love the old school point and click Nostalgia on this game very enjoyable and really creepy I would like to play more :D

im back again this is the last part of my playthrough as i have unlocked the first out of 9 endings

overall the game is really good the puzzle is very challenging i really enjoyed the story so far which is really nice i do plan on getting atleast 3 endings and watching the rest 

overall the game is very enjoyable and i appreciate your efforts for making this master piece

try clicking caps lock and shift + k 

that works for me

Part 2 of the playthrough i manage to make a temporary solution for the passcode bug where i cant make the letter K caps its in the video :D

Man i really love the game im making a series out of it because its to epic i also love the art style of the game really give me the misao vibes

i really like this game and im still coming back to it i really wanna return playing this game i do hope the devs are still working on it :D

very funny short game friend 

the coconut falling from the aswang is pure comedy AHHA

salamat sa game kaibigan

very confusing story line but overall pretty fun i understand the plot of the game and so on il give it a 8/10

this is just a game bro

really fun game but i dont understand the timer since its only 1 min in the first round idk if im clicking something wrong or my game is bugging but overall its quite fun 

love the atmosphere And the tense jumpscares gave me all of the screams i needed for the day xD 

love the short game its fun and very simple i found a bug where the shark just go right thru me 

Amazing Sequel i really love it the story is much more brutal here than the first one really looking forward for part 3 :D

love the game's lowpoly graphics i thought i already posted here but its missing but there are some bugs at the video to

this game is pure comedy love the horror bits but i laugh at the end of the game xD

cant wait for this to be release :D

i enjoyed it 

the story is so really dark and sad really looks like an old film just like you said love it kinda reminded me of some flash games aswell 

this game is hella creepy as heck i cant even play it right without pausing and spacing out nicely job man i poop my pants with those jumpscares

Pretty cool game i love the Resident evil theme in this game really fun  i wish it was longer 

love the game and the art style really make's me want to play this game alot longer than 11 mins xD but i hope i can play the full version soon 

my insights i already knew this game was a dark soul inspired one since the knight died and woke up in the catacombs i knew this game is something else the armor looks like from dark souls aswell like the warrior outfit but overall the game is fun as heck cant wait for the full release of this game :D