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really nice touch for the game the story is great  i got the death ending oh well i guess il fine more soon

this game is pure comedy love the horror bits but i laugh at the end of the game xD

cant wait for this to be release :D

i enjoyed it 

the story is so really dark and sad really looks like an old film just like you said love it kinda reminded me of some flash games aswell 

this game is hella creepy as heck i cant even play it right without pausing and spacing out nicely job man i poop my pants with those jumpscares

Pretty cool game i love the Resident evil theme in this game really fun  i wish it was longer 

love the game and the art style really make's me want to play this game alot longer than 11 mins xD but i hope i can play the full version soon 

Hello part 2 again of the gameplay i manage to find more bugs in the game and some temporary fix my video can be use as a walkthrough to

I thought you guys Deleted the first one but you guys just made the first chapter xD anywys leaving this here For walkthrough

my insights i already knew this game was a dark soul inspired one since the knight died and woke up in the catacombs i knew this game is something else the armor looks like from dark souls aswell like the warrior outfit but overall the game is fun as heck cant wait for the full release of this game :D

love the gore and the narrator's voice acting really enjoyed playing this :D

love the game its super creepy and loud fit for the game aswell Im having a mini heart attacks everytime im getting chase

Love the short pixelated horror game and plus points for the junji ito inspired Game aswell its like watching a story telling video but your playing it  love it waiting for more of your releases :D

love the game and the story and the gore in it aswell the ending really gave me a spook with the girl's face Its a pretty fun short game 
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hello i like the game its pretty fun and love the puzzles just some bugs i found in the game im quite confuse on where to go since there are no indications on wat location is the next stopby 

some bugs found

-floating papers from the ground

-idk if this is a bug but i got a key from the drawer and i tried to open the door from the enemy room and its not unlocking its right there in the video

-the drawers open and close each time i go to a room

some minor problems

-there are plenty rooms in there that idk wat their purpose is like the small library 

-no indications like some dialogues from the character on telling the player when to go next 

-the quit button from the inventory idk if its me but it might confuse other players if its like an exit inventory but it quit from game which might ruin their gameplay as seen on the video aswell

-save options when you die from the enemy room you return from the start its pretty annoying since they have to retry the puzzle over and over again making a save option will fix this pretty much

overall its pretty fun puzzle game and il make another part when i figured everything out so i labeled it as part 1

il tag you to twitter aswell

i really love the game but i got stuck in the electric thing in Stage 2 nonetheless it was pretty fun and the music is amazing also the art it really feels like im playing this game on a game boy Good job dev :D

Amazing short horror game very fun and a very nice story in the end i like it its pretty fun 

the picture of the eye's at the first encounter looks very much like a png tho it still has the layer but overall its quite fun :D
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Amazing Game tried it out its a fun short game with some a very good story in the end good job :D

I love the short game its very creepy aswell love playing more of this games it gave me quite a scare


Love the story of the game i really like the pixel art aswell and the bgm i cant wait to play all of the chapters soon i followed you so i can receieve some news on chapters thank you for making it  :D

Amazing story i have yet to finish yet the art style is fantastic its superb i like dr'd light's art whole persona but sadly something unfortunate happen but i cant wait to play this again later or tommorow for the part 2 :D

tried yangire mode this time and im already crying so bad that i suck at this mode i just keep dying and dying HAHA its quite fun aswell

played the alpha 2.1 its amazing and the new yandere mode gave me a different vibes

and im kinda simping to the new character tho

it gave me this feeling of playing another silent hill game i love the atmosphere and the voice's of the character fits them perfectly i cant wait for the full release of this game :D

really bloody terrfying i got jumpscared in that trap krabby patty lol but its pretty fun since i can shoot a gun 

any horror games that have a fighting back option usually takes the cake :D

i love the game its very fun and addicting i hope to play the full version of it soon. i did found 1 bug in the video i got stuck inside of the wall but it just happen accidently overall this game reminded me of hollow knight  

overall its a pretty good game i give it 9\10

hey thanks again for playing :D u can also try the new release Curse of hanako san that i made its also a short horror

amazing work for a short game i skip on the music part because i thought the game will be long but i played it again off cam and i did figure out the recipe's

amazing work again developer i got spook and creeped out on the last game but this one takes the cake amazing i cant wait for m

ore of your releases

I LOVE THE the retro game its short and fun and very sad i almost feel bad for the bees that died I really enjoyed it :D

love the game it gave some resident evil vibes and its pretty fun to with all of the weird and creepy atmosphere but there is some problems i ran into


aiming is kinda hard in this game im not saying its bad but its to hard to do right in the freezer room i cannot shot the person since the pistol move's left to right idk if its intentional or not but atleast a slight improvement on this will be fine


the character is slow in this kind of situation so maybe if the player will get surrounded by a horde of enemies then its a dead end maybe add  sprinting or increase some movements for the player

overall the game is great no story yet that i can think of but the puzzle is very solid i have to rate this game it will be 8/10

love the game its very addicting im very sure that i can easily get this full game once it came out

some questions tho

when the full game is release will it be possible to make the character weapon follow the mouse so if it shoot at that direction it will go there?

more buff

the game already have alot of perks but the perks should be even more since the chest are always scattered and if i may suggest is to give the player some duplicate buff sometimes when they did get it they will only recieve some xp instead so players will be more likely to grind more for there wanted buff

more pets

im sure the full game there will be more pets

second boss

i kinda feel like the chaos worm is pretty weak even in the hardest difficulty the first boss is alot more challenging than the chaos worm so maybe giving him some buff will be fine

some weapon nerfs

alot of weapons are op especially the pearls and the dragon luncher they just one shot everything when you have the ripper buff xd

anyways i made a video to i enjoyed it looking forward for the full release Great game Mr.developer

love the game its pretty short but hella scary i love the simple puzzle and i love the art aswell the monster art is amazing i truly enjoyed playing it :D

Creep out at the end i understand the lore since i watch a couple of her vids but i love this simplicity of the game and it giving a horror twist

love the game  and the art style kinda reminds me of the pixelated game that i played way back i think it was a flash game but i love it very short tho i was expecting that you can shoot the guards from behind since there is a glitch that u cant die when u stand from behind but overall its a pretty good game

i like the style of the game its very dark and eary but i do understand the story wise and the development of the character in the end Good job :D

i came back again to this game after 2 months of playing it and it gave me alot of jumpscares more than the old version idk if im gonna last 20 mins playing this its still really creepy xD