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Yeah, someone just told me haha, my bad :D

Ahhh, I guessed I could have just looked up at the name then haha. My bad :)

I mean, this game is so incredible for a demo. At this point you could just leave it as is and call it a day. There is plenty of fun to be had and decent amount of gameplay already. But of course you have to continue this, there is so much more potential.

I am impressed how well everything blends, how fitting all props, controls, mechanics, sounds and graphics seems as if they were specifically designed with each other in mind. 

The events are really fun, and really have an impact with the tension that the signals and atmosphere have built together. 

All in all, a really impressive demo. I can not wait for the full game! Great work!


Wauw, this project has come so far!!!

Uhh, looking good :)

What an intense game!

I am quite surprised by how well the controls feel. They are very smooth and easy to learn. I would however like some sort of quick buy or quick bind option, rather than having to go into the inventory every time.

The gameplay was quite diverse, even though many assets were reused. The new enemies were really scary and were introduced at just the right moments, exactly when you least expect and want it to be! And my god did those spiders freak me out!

I realize that I should have not bought all those weapons, as it does take away from the demo experience, but it was great none the less. Perhaps recommending starting with no weapons or just a melee would solve this.

The storming of the enemies was incredibly intense and scary, and kept me on edge for the rest of the game. It was definitely the best sequence of the game.

I think this game holds great potential, and I hope you will continue development and make it even better! I will keep an eye out for the final release! Great work!


Awesome, unsettling and sad experience.

I got the feeling that this creature was a reflection of you the player, which I very much liked!

The graphics are simple but effective, and the voice acting and audio is far above average for indie games, well done!


Whaat!? :D I think I am going to give this a look for sure, but I will not have much time to make another vidio about it sadly, you know, school...

Much the same as last time, but a lot more interactive gameplay.

Simple effective... and very... odd... :D

The graphics, audio, gameplay nd story was simple but scary none the less. The very confusing elements amplified the scary atmosphere by a great amount. 

Overall great game!


The graphics were amazing!

I am seriously surprised how well the pixelated filter and lighting worked so well together. Pretty much everything worked as intended, the story and atmosphere was tightly connected and complimented each other very well, making everything very tense.

The gameplay was really great too. The electricity system was very creative, and as far as I know, original. 

It is clear to see, at least in my eyes, that this game has taken great inspiration from mainly Alien Isolation and The Expanse, which I very much appreciate! I loved the game and the show!

I am honestly impressed this game is free, well done!

- BH

Damn, very effective!

The gameplay was overall really great! I would however have loved to be able to pause and to run. I had to pause and pressed escape and quit the game, so had to start over. Perhaps this is just me not looking through any controls option.

But great game, 5/5 from me!


Quite scary, but death somewhat takes away the atmosphere.

I liked the graphics very much, and the audio too. The gameplay was nice and simple, but I would have liked some more story, although it is not an absolute necessity. 

I liked the fact that finding the ghosts help you in the end, but implying so would have been nice too. I am so sure that if you somehow get behind the monster when first encountering it will reveal the third, but I can not find a way to get in there.

But overall great work!


God that jump scare got me good, expected it, but not to move that fast!

The graphics and art-style was great, and the audio fitting!

I like the theme but find the final monster somewhat more laughable than scary. :)

The game plays well, but knowing that you can move the screen to read the cutscene text would be great!

But all in all, great demo, looking forward to the full release!


I am surprised how well made this game was!

The switching of up and down was a little janky at times, but when you get past all of the disorientation you can easily manage. The overall gameplay was fun and immersive. The puzzles were not too hard, but forced you to stop and think, and then comes the contrast where intense time limits are added. I makes for diverse and fun gameplay.

The story is simple, but very effective as i allows the player to follow along and empathize with the characters. I liked the hints about what happened very much, but I can not help but wonder, what was the key for? I did not quite catch that.

Graphics were good, audio too, but I am mostly impressed by the great performance considering the constant changing of gravity. Awesome!

Great work, I will be looking forward to your future projects!


I can not wait to see it :D, will it be up any time soon?

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Another fantastic SCP Game!

I loved the atmosphere. God the audio use was amazing! The graphics were very good too, and it all worked so well together.

Although the gameplay was very limited, it was very stimulating and immersive. I would have loved for the game to have a secret ending where you actually extend and make your own interpretation of extension of the article. I think this might be the case, and I will investigate if not looking into the second hole allows you to continue further!

(Nothing happens haha, the screen gets cracked anyway.)

But great game, a clear 5/5 from me!


So cool to see that you are still updating this game! I am curious, what are your future plans for it? So far it looks incredibly well and performs great, but it is very limited in terms of gameplay as far as I can see.

I have given your game a playthrough, but I have encountered too many bugs to complete it. going from one chapter by holding the right key arrow does not seem to work in this build and it seems that hitting while dying makes you stay stuck in the death animation, unable to progress. I really like the game style though and would love to try it again when these issues are fixed! I almost completed chapter two, I only needed one key! :D (On PC).

Great game, the art style and mix of runic and mythology is great!

The graphics were great, but the movement was a bit jittery at times. The audio was great in terms of quality, but would often confuse me as the sounds came from different directions, rather than from the beats themselves.

The story was short but effective and the small bits of lore were well written!

The gameplay was overall fun, but the hinting was a bit too aggressive, I would have liked the option to replay the hints by pressing a button, rather than it constantly playing when exploring. I think unlocking a secret by putting in all those symbols from the "Immortal" message in runic should be implemented by adding the remaining letters at random locations across the map!

But definitely a good game, 5/5 from me!


Oh no, I did not get stuck, in fact I think the hinting is a little too aggressive. I was just talking about the "Immortal" message at the back of the paper. I think adding a secret by putting in all those symbols should be implemented by adding the remaining letters at random locations across the map! But great game, I will upload some footage soon!

Is the code on the back of the paper used for something?

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This game reminded me of a mix of Counter Strike, Runescape and Dark Souls, which I very much enjoyed!

The graphics were simple, but clearly made to be so, which brings its own kind of charm. The audio fits the happenings very well!

The story and the accompanying gameplay was awesome! I am surprised this game is free with so much content! I can see the hard work put into the handcrafted map, great work! The traps were very nice too. The story was simple but effective.

The controls were a bit hard at first, but you get used to them eventually. I found the "roll" rather lacking, as I quickly learned that just walking in circles was much more effective. While the gameplay is in theory is much like Dark Souls, in practice you end up playing this in a much simpler way. But I assume you plan to make the roll more useful. The main issue is the fact that you can hardly hit after rolling, as standing up takes too long to actually hit the enemy.

Despite this the game was absolutely amazing! 5/5 stars from me!


As far as I know, this quite the original idea in terms of puzzles, and I am a huge fan of it!

The main aspect of the game is the unique interaction between the shadows and light, which is used very creative manner to challenge the player. I imagine that creating the right shadows by using the assets must have been incredibly hard!

The second best thing about the game is the story. I am impressed as to how much effort was put into a story which relies so heavily on puzzles. The story is simple, yet very relatable and well written. 

Then comes the artwork. Although I only know, what is showed in the game about the characters, I really enjoyed how their physical features implies a deeper relationship, as light and shadow is intertwined. And of course the artwork is very well made, and the characters look very cool and interesting!

The graphics were nice and the audio fitting. I did however whish the visuals were a little sharper and the light more glowy/shiny.

All in all a great experience, I enjoyed it very much and will definitely recommend it!


That was an odd yet wonderful experience!

Of course the bizarre and beautiful artstyle is the selling point of this game, and boy it sells! 

The small audio ques are quite nice and very fitting for the art.

The story is very simple, but very effective at establishing the narrative. 

I very much enjoyed this game, great work!


God that second ending was scary, yet incredibly awesome! I managed to find both as well as the easter-egg.

I am a sucker for deep sea and cosmic horror games, so this was perfect for me!

I really enjoyed the exploration aspect and found it incredibly useful that up was always the direction to safety. The red light on the ladder help this very much too!

I love hidden secrets, especially in combination with exploration, and I stunned you managed to do this so well within 72 hours. Great work!

I would love to see this game expanded even further! I am myself trying to learn unreal engine and hope to one day create a game in the genre of deep sea/cosmic horror. I would love to mix those genres in a single game. 

I have played a lot of horror games and believe myself that I have some pretty good experience in terms of how horror can truly invoke something within the player (at least I think so myself haha). If you ever fell like it, I would love to help out in any way I can with future projects like this, and hopefully learn something in the process!

Anyway, great work! Looking forward to your future projects!


Is the code stuff bugged?

It simply has to be 147

Showcase #7

God, that jump scare at the picture was brutal!

I see that the engine you are using is somewhat limiting in terms of animation and gameplay. A lot of things are a little repetitive, but gets the message across. The game actually turns out quite scary, and I quite like the small puzzle parts of the game. 

I wonder, what if I waste all my pictures before I reach the first cross? Am I just stuck?

In terms of story, I saw a nice start, I would love to see this expanded a lot more in the full release!

I see you use the same template as the game "Siren Head: Resurrection", which you should really try, he managed to use this template in so many creative ways, if you need inspiration that is a great place to look!

Anyway, great experience!


Download request:

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Showcase #6

Just found this gem:

I love SCP-Games!

The atmosphere was great! The art-style and graphics were really good too!

I had a few issues with some of the smaller mechanisms to progress, like the tiny lock on the door, which is practically invisible if you turn off the torch which you can not reignite haha. Perhaps a flashlight would serve well in this demo. And then the fact that you have to left-click to use items, like when unlocking the locked door. 

What I liked the most was the subtle scares from afar! Great work with that!

Other than that, it was really a fun demo, and I hope to see the full release in the near future!