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Small, cool and little scary. I quite liked it.

I am surprised how well the camera tilted along a world axis. It worked oddly well to focus on the rift, creating a sense of scale.

I am also very impressed how you managed to allow me to play as a spider with a sword haha.

The graphics were great and the audio too. The art-style was very fitting as well.

Great work!


God that second ending was scary, yet incredibly awesome! I managed to find both as well as the easter-egg.

I am a sucker for deep sea and cosmic horror games, so this was perfect for me!

I really enjoyed the exploration aspect and found it incredibly useful that up was always the direction to safety. The red light on the ladder help this very much too!

I love hidden secrets, especially in combination with exploration, and I stunned you managed to do this so well within 72 hours. Great work!

I would love to see this game expanded even further! I am myself trying to learn unreal engine and hope to one day create a game in the genre of deep sea/cosmic horror. I would love to mix those genres in a single game. 

I have played a lot of horror games and believe myself that I have some pretty good experience in terms of how horror can truly invoke something within the player (at least I think so myself haha). If you ever fell like it, I would love to help out in any way I can with future projects like this, and hopefully learn something in the process!

Anyway, great work! Looking forward to your future projects!


Is the code stuff bugged?

It simply has to be 147

Showcase #7

God, that jump scare at the picture was brutal!

I see that the engine you are using is somewhat limiting in terms of animation and gameplay. A lot of things are a little repetitive, but gets the message across. The game actually turns out quite scary, and I quite like the small puzzle parts of the game. 

I wonder, what if I waste all my pictures before I reach the first cross? Am I just stuck?

In terms of story, I saw a nice start, I would love to see this expanded a lot more in the full release!

I see you use the same template as the game "Siren Head: Resurrection", which you should really try, he managed to use this template in so many creative ways, if you need inspiration that is a great place to look!

Anyway, great experience!


Download request:

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Showcase #6

Just found this gem:

I love SCP-Games!

The atmosphere was great! The art-style and graphics were really good too!

I had a few issues with some of the smaller mechanisms to progress, like the tiny lock on the door, which is practically invisible if you turn off the torch which you can not reignite haha. Perhaps a flashlight would serve well in this demo. And then the fact that you have to left-click to use items, like when unlocking the locked door. 

What I liked the most was the subtle scares from afar! Great work with that!

Other than that, it was really a fun demo, and I hope to see the full release in the near future!


I will add the "Alpha" status to the vidio then! And I think it turned out really well too! If you need inspiration,  an indie developer here on named show-more recently released a  great title called Siren Head: Resurrection, with so many cool aspects! I think what he really did well was the hidden eatser-eggs and secrets! He hired some people for voice acting and did some himself for fun. You will sure recognize when he is the one doing them haha. I love when games include these kinds of secrets and can personally highly recommend you do the same, fi you feel it could suit your vision of the game!

What a cool experience!

I really liked the simple but effective torturial in the beginning of the game, it would however be nice if that included the fact that you need to scroll to switch between items.

The art-style was a little rugged, but the noise filter really helped making it more immersive. I think a more detailed skybox would suit the game very well. Personally I am thinking a skybox with a bright sun casting clear rays, and perhaps with a distant and hardly visible moon, much like in the summer days where both moon and sun is visible. And then at night, a more textured and sharp moon, red like blood. You know, like a blood moon! 

The audio was surprisingly good, I am curious, did you record that phone call yourself?

And I would like to see a little more expansion on the overall story. 

I really found this game to be rather entertaining and a fun experience! 5/5 from me!


hmmm... I can not seems to find a key to unlock the door. Is this the end of the game or am I missing something?

Once again, not much to say haha. I was plenty fun!

Damn, first off, my condolences to you...

I really liked the art-style and how the use of audio complimented the in-game happenings very well.

The gameplay is somewhat limited, but is carried by the story, which is clearly in focus. I fell there is so much more to this game than someone from the outside can see, like the store, the actual meaning of the ticket, the computer desks and so on.

The story is very compelling, and I am convinced he must have been a dear friend.

But really good work! And best of luck in the future!


I am so playing this! :D

Damn, this game was cool!

The graphics and use of audio was good, but the best part was the environment, as it tells a story whiteout actual notes or narration!

The camera angles could use a little improvement, and it would often be nice if the camera would switch a little sooner and perhaps with a smooth rather than sudden move. 

I also very much liked the ending, which set up more thanh just a psycho girl!

Good work!


I loved it! And damn, I did not even send you a picture of my face, but you managed to make it look just like me regardless! :D

I liked the graphics, they are old school and effective as usual! Although I have heard that exact audio in several games now, I still find it very unsettling and good!

The camera was a little jittery at times, and I got stuck once as I had checked every drawer but the one that had a key! That is just bad luck on my part though. :)

All in all, I really enjoyed this game! Another piece of art from our main boi DarkDayAfternoon!


I can help you with the key, I encountered the same problem. The key is used for another door across the door in the starting room. There is an office there, where you will find the next clue.

Here is my collection of all the Endings, Secrets and Major Achievements! I Hope you enjoy and find this guide useful! :D

Showcase #5

Another amazing game!

As usual, art-style, mood, audio and gameplay, top notch. I really liked the different endings, and I found the story very intriguing!

This game does however remind me a lot of the other games, and although good, I would love to see some more variation! Something new and risky, I know you have the skill to do so, as these games are of really high quality!

Anyway, good work!


I have noticed him in other games of yours. Any hints on what to do with him? Or is free for all here? :D

I was able to outrun the train, could I have gone onto it? I saw one of the doors were open?

I can not wait for the full release of this game!

The art-style was amazing, and I was surprised by the fact the the camera angles worked so seamlessly. 

While I liked the secrets in the game, I am not sure leaving secrets into a game and timing the gameplay is a good cocktail.

Alas, you can always replay the game. I hope this game will have a chapter selection or save system in the future so that players do not find it tedious to discover these secrets.

But overall, this was a great and very fun experience!


Damn, I loved the dark atmosphere and graphics!

The graphics are great and work well with the audio and map-design to set the mood! 

What I liked the most however, was the elaborate story and hidden secrets! I believe there is so much more to discover in this demo alone, and I can not even imagine the full game!

So great work!


Uhh, I loved the atmosphere!

The atmosphere and pixelated art-style was great! The game was overall very scary, and I loved that I was faced with the option to just leave!

I do however think I encountered a bug, as I was caught without him even being near me. And I would like for the camera to automatically focus down the dark hallway when the cutscene begins, as I was left watching the ground haha.

But great work! Keep it up!


What fun game!

The theme and overall tone is really fun, and kind of scary.

The game is not in of itself scary, but the odd atmosphere and unsettling mood makes it so.

The graphics are fine for what was intended and the audio good for the the theme.

Overall a good game, I enjoyed it very much!


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I thought I just saw an update with terraforming in my feed, you guys took it down?


Nevermind, I read that on a mail haha.

Two instances. One with 0% CPU usage and one with up to 34%.

Umm, seems the game is running in the background for me now. This is something steam might ban the game for if they detect it in the trials.

I get an error: This program is used for packaged games and is not meant to be run directly.

They are much the same as last time, but I am more able to see and understand the direction you are going. Most of the actual gameplay is rather simple and hard to report on so far, but the main idea is displayed. I noticed a progressions bar, does that give you something, like new abilities or make you grow? Anyway, something that is very clear, and that I do really like so far is the art-style! Great work on that!

Showcase #4

God, definitely god scared a few times haha!

Despite a few of the scares being what I would call "cheap", they somehow work really well and leave you satisfactory.

The graphics were decent, the audio pretty good.

The story was short and simple, but did it's job!


Uhhh, what an atmosphere! The graphics were awesome, the sound too! The best part of it was however the intense and effective scares. They worked really well with the atmosphere and environment. They were just well placed to be quite frank. 

Definitely a quality horror game! 


Uhhh, scary!

I really thought this game was scary, however it was plenty fun too! 

The graphics were good in their own right, but the audio was amazing! The silence when you go further into the cellar is such a great contrast to the sound that plays most of the game! And of course the toilet is fun haha, good addition.

Then there is the actual gameplay, I was really surprised how well transitioned the store changed when the player looks away, good, I had no time to process his disappearance before I was locked in the store.

I did encounter a few bugs, as you can see in the gameplay, but these were in no way game-breaking. 

So, great work!


Showcase #3

No problem! It was great fun! If you ever need help playtesting or stuff like that, I am more than willing to help! :)

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Hmmm... I believe there must be something wrong with the file, or you may have uploaded an older version? All I see is a non-textured cube chasing a white cube with a... gun? Like a tank?