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hi! i made a little game in Unity for a game jam using your 50x50 Blocks :) here the link:


Marc, Really good game design for a one of my favorite game jams! I got though till the level with the blue checkered square and gate. Curios - how many levels deep does this game go? Three recommendations if you have more time to work on the game

  1. Definitely give players an option to restart a level - The first time I came across the checkered square level I got suck there for quiet sometime, really wishing I could reset that level
  2. The one way to tab though the navigation is to use the mouse, but the rest of the game is keyboard based. Suggestion - tapping ‘E’ or any of the arrow keys should help solve that
  3. This game definitely belongs to, if you have not already done that

Excellent work Marc, I’m looking forward to more development work from you

Just adding this updated link here for others to play too


Thank you for your long and detailed answer! I'm glad you like it! 

Unfortunately, I had not had enough time to create as many levels and mechanics as I originally wanted. That's why there were only 9 levels (the level with the first blue platform is 7). If I find time in the future then I would like to make the most different levels with your asset pack! I thought of a desert level, snow level and much more!

1. Yes! in any case I will add a restart button. I have often received this advice and I wonder why I have not thought of it myself. :D

2. I don't know exactly what you mean by that. do you think you should be able to control the game completely with the keyboard instead of having to rely on the mouse? I was going to rework the controls anyway. Especially to add gamepad support.

3. to be honest i didn't know this site. Is it like


9 levels! great - I think I came pretty close to the end. Gonna replay the game to get till the end. I love the idea of the new themes. Do tell me if you are looking for more assets, including more props and characters.

With regards to the navigation - I didnt realize that the game is controllable with mouse only. I believe the instructions were all for keyboard including some of the non-diegetic instructions that mentioned using ‘E’ to interact. With the default interaction inputs that exist now (Mouse + Keyboard) I would also add a keyboard for ‘continue’ text.

Gamepad would be really helpful - I think for an isometric game that would be extremely helpful, but I am that target audience that uses a PC with no gamepads. is a game site that’s been around for close to 25 years, on a similar note - sites like,, and These sites welcome short games like yours