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understandable. I respect that 😁 (both your decision with patreon AND the lightning)  in the end it is up to us, the people that use your assets, to make with it whatever we want. I could give the lightning parts some blue glowing for example.

oh and btw, will you open patreon again? you seem to be very active lately.

hi chierit. sorry i wasnt very active on or the game development scene in general. now i come back and see this SUPER lovely samurai. 

i love it. its awesome. i dont know why but i reaaaally love the portrait that you made for the samurai. i think its the best one so far. 

i have only one critique point.. as far as i see it, you used the exact same colors for the lightning effects than the ones you used for the base sword swing effects. i think there should be more contrast to actually SEE that it IS lightning. does that make sense to you? 

i hope you understand what i mean. for example the special attack doesnt look like lightning at all. because of that the samurai kinda reminds me of the grey knight of castle crashers (who holds no elemental magic) 

the man is back!!!! Yeeeah!!! Awesome boss

awwwwwweeeeeeeesomeeeeeeeeee <3 love your work <3

i dont get it.. what exactly is it doing? can you make your sprites appear on a gameboy screen? how can i connect my gameboy with the pc?

hi, thank you for your feedback! What version did you use? Desktop or Browser?

copied? i think you and i we have a different understanding of "copied". For me a copy is an exact same version of the original. Thats definitely NOT the case here. Maybe they are inspired by Creatures from Crawl? and btw: a lot of creatures from Crawl are inspired by Baldurs Gate which is confirmed by the creator. Are they copied too, then?

Hi, I love your sprites! I'm making a platformer game with them right now. have you considered adding a jump (and maybe fall) animation? That would be awesome!

awesome game! 12 hours!?!?!?!?!? thats so incredible. I love it! It would have been cool if there was any change in gameplay while progressing. for example another kind of sheep that can run faster or is distracting other sheep or something else.

is the font included as well?

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AWESOME! <3 i love that they all have a different pose and look direction instead of generic faces with the same forms, pose, direction 

oh btw those 6 black pixels in his face are meant to be a mustache right? XD

once again i can just say i love your work so much. its so fun to work with you art. i finally got the elemental modes now for the bundle price <3 pls keep continue the awesome work <3

omg im so hyped :D

this game is so beatiful <3 i love the booster pack design. 

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thats a really cute one :3 

but you know its not really 64 x 64 resolution game? just the pixelarts are :D

edit: for me its totally fine like that. just wanted to mention it <3

omg omg omg omg omg <3 i love it i waited and waited and i was checking itch every day the last months. i swear thats the best asset series ever i love it so much <3 im so happy that you kept your promise to release it this month <3 im looking forward for the future characters :D 

(also thanks that you changed the wind characters thumbnail. tbh it fucked me up that the character was in the middle of the thumbnail instead of the side. i dont know why but it fucked me up xD)

wow i love him! he looks a bit like the champion "Thresh" from league of legends. hes one of my favorite champs.

hi robert! how does the algorithm look like to make these dungeons? 

im working on a little 2d dungeon game with your awesome dungeon tileset and your characters and i would really love to use these kind of dungeons in my game. 

but i dont know how you are generating them :/ 

first of all your 2 elementals characters so far are super beautiful! im so hyped for the 8 others!

im planing on doing a 1v1 combat game like street fighters or smth. i think this could be cool with these characters (even if i dont know yet how i could use the multiple blink attack in a 1v1 game)

I wanted to ask if there will be a discount in the form of a bundle with all 10 characters with their elemental form?

i thought you could for example animate the water block. a flowing water animation would be great. you even could add a lava block with a similar texture and animation. 

maybe something like this: click

or this:  click

or even tiles like this: click

other ideas would be quicksand, gears or whatever^^ i hope you got the idea :)

hi, it's me again! i wanted to ask if you plan to release animated blocks in the future? i tried animating the water block by myself for my jamgame but unfortunately it didn't look very good.

Thank you for your long and detailed answer! I'm glad you like it! 

Unfortunately, I had not had enough time to create as many levels and mechanics as I originally wanted. That's why there were only 9 levels (the level with the first blue platform is 7). If I find time in the future then I would like to make the most different levels with your asset pack! I thought of a desert level, snow level and much more!

1. Yes! in any case I will add a restart button. I have often received this advice and I wonder why I have not thought of it myself. :D

2. I don't know exactly what you mean by that. do you think you should be able to control the game completely with the keyboard instead of having to rely on the mouse? I was going to rework the controls anyway. Especially to add gamepad support.

3. to be honest i didn't know this site. Is it like

hi! i made a little game in Unity for a game jam using your 50x50 Blocks :) here the link: