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Damn you and your beautiful games Nowis-337:)

As a player I love them, as a competitor I get a sinking feeling when your username shows up in a contest. You inspire me to be a better gamemaker, thank you.

You captured the whimsical vibe of OG Pokemon so well. I was teleported back to being young and playing Ruby/Sapphire on Gameboy Advance. I'm half expecting a buddy to show up any minute and challenge me to a Wireless Adapter battle after we lock eyes. The Tamagotchi-style poop was a hoot.

The BGM and graphics are spot-on. I loved the cutscene before the tournament! The tournament battle itself was awesome- the action battle controls worked well, the animations were great, and the opponent was a tough nut to crack.

Oh, and the element that starts with an 'H' and ends with me almost falling out of my chair laughing (and finally winning)...perfect.

Well done, tons of fun!


Thanks! Definitely used a lot of Ruby/Sapphire as reference for this one. Glad you found this silly mash of ideas together enjoyable :P