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The inventory system is quite interesting. The way it behave by increasing the inventory UI on the bottom, but the management of the items seems to lose reference. As a game programmer for an Alpha5f, I advice:

  • Remove the behaviour that decreases the inventory slots and make the UI occupy it's full length, while you fix the behavior that lose the reference of the items.
    • After a while playing it seems that your pointer is not accurate. the items lost is still in memory. I can say that because later on after picking randomly some items, the inventory simply pops-up at full length with the items I already picked and lost by the decreasying "bug"
  • Probably, your code have some leaks in the loop check, because some items on pick-up, isn't recognizing that there is already an item of the same type in the inventory.
  • Dropping an item, makes the code decreasy the slot's by 1, but you are not removing the right spot. An easy solution:
    1. Sort the items to always fill from left to right. This way, the last slots on inventory will be empty to be "removed"
    2. And only then, pop your queue, or clean the variable or pointer or remove the last position on your array.

This should be an easy issue to solve! Releasing a fix update to Alpha5, would be nice.