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This looks fun but I can't play it because I am having trouble setting up controls.

It doesn't recognize my controller at all (an old logitech dual action) even though windows sees it fine. And all players set to keyboard are locked into the same controls.

Any ideas? If there is a way to customize keyboard controls that I'm not seeing that would work.

Hi Rob,

Sorry you are having trouble with your controller - We tested it with some Xbox 360 controllers and a logitech Xbox controller clone, which all worked fine.. It could be that GameMaker doesn't support or recognise the controller you have.. Could you provide the model of it and I'll have a look?

As for keyboard controls, it is currently only set up so one player can use the pre-set keyboard controls. We can have a look in to improving this in a future release though, but as it stands there is no other way to configure this I'm afraid!

Thanks for your interest,


I think you might be right about gamemaker not supporting it. it's an older one so it does have compatibility problems sometimes. It's unfortunate that gamemaker couldn't just use whatever controllers windows sees.

Thanks anyways!